Focus Marketing Events Attends Conference, Looks at Goals

Focus Marketing Events President and team members attended an exciting industry conference and renewed attention to key company goals.

Recently, the President of Focus Marketing Events and a team member attended an industry conference. Opportunities to travel to different industry conferences and events are one of the great breaks offered by the company, and team members are always excited to take advantage of them. At Focus Marketing Events, travel is viewed as a reward, a chance to do team building, a source of training, and a great time to network with different individuals.

“Conferences are always great and informative events,” shared Focus Marketing Events President Brian R. “My admin, Brittany, attended the conference with me. The key takeaways I got from the conference include focusing on big-picture goals and being better at analyzing both where we’re at as a company and where our areas of opportunity lie. This means I have some strategic planning to do and concrete objectives to set. I enjoy attending these events because they help me keep focused on what I need to do to drive my team toward success.”

"Attending this conference has really reminded me of the importance of focusing on training for our new associates and continuous coaching for our entire team."

Brian R., President

Focus Marketing Events Focuses on Training and Coaching Team Members

For Focus Marketing Events, one driver of success is an investment in team building through training and coaching. New team members get a comprehensive training course that helps them build the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their new positions, and in the business world overall. Associates learn the basis of goal setting so that they are able to achieve their personal goals while working toward the company’s success.

“Attending this conference has really reminded me of the importance of focusing on training for our new associates and continuous coaching for our entire team,” continued Brian. “When associates are given the tools they need to succeed, we have a much higher retention rate and our team has more long-term success. Providing mentoring and coaching means we’re able to stop many kinds of problems before they have a chance to derail our team from their goals.”

“Not only do I take team members to conferences such as the one we just attended, I also try to bring important concepts home. Brittany will be helping me translate what we learned into new training for our entire team,” said Brian. Focus Marketing Events team members continuously engage in training activities to help them build their professional skills and take their career to the next level.

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