Focus Marketing Events Awarded Fair Business Report Badge

​Focus Marketing Events and all the qualities that contribute to its culture of success have been recognized by a prestigious organization. The firm’s Director of Operations explained how goal setting led to the award. 

“We’re excited to report that Focus Marketing Events has been awarded the Fair Business Report badge,” said Brian, the company’s Director of Operations. “Many aspects of our company were considered before we earned the recognition, many of which we value as key aspects of our office culture.” 

Brian explained that the Focus Marketing Events training and coaching programs, policy on merit-based advancement, and commitment to philanthropy are some of the attributes that made the firm eligible for the badge. The positive team reviews were the biggest indicators of worthiness for the award, however. 

"Continued growth for the company and greater professional development for my people are inevitable."

Brian, Director of Operations

“With this kind of achievement, I’m confident that we’ll continue raising the bar for ourselves and others in our field,” Brian stated. “Continued growth for the company and greater professional development for my people are inevitable.” 

Focus Marketing Events Emphasizes Goal Setting as a Core Aspect of Business Success

"Focus Marketing Events is a great place to work because of the growth potential and our team," Brian continued. "The direction the company is heading and how my people tie into that success – reaching their goals along the way – really shows what’s possible when ambitious people work together." 

According to Brian, goal setting is a fundamental component of the firm’s success. He and his colleagues set benchmarks for everything from hiring and training to giveback and revenue. These objectives give the team direction and focus. The associates first identify long-term goals, and then set short-term milestones. Each milestone reached is an indicator of progress and a reason to celebrate. 

“We like to use the SMART framework when setting goals,” Brian added. “It’s an acronym, reminding us that our objectives should be specific, measurable, actionable, realistic, and timely. We want specific because anything too vague will lead to confusion and slow us down. Being specific also helps us act and assess our forward movement. As far as being realistic, we want our goals to be ambitious but not impossible. We want to achieve them in a reasonable amount of time.”

“Of course, we also make sure that our goals align with our values,” Brian concluded. “We’re open with one another about our progress, and we work together to overcome the challenges that arise along the way. Commitment and collaboration get us to where we want to be, and it’s a nice bonus that we receive recognition from the Fair Business Report along the way.”

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